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NEVER Put These Things Down Your Drain

August 26, 2021 | Blog

We’ve all been there, wondering “Should I have not poured that down the sink?”

It’s easy to think that something might be safe to pour down the drain when in actuality you could be clogging your plumbing. We’ve seen it all at Public Service Plumbers, and we know what’s safe and what’s not safe to pour down your drain. Here are some things you don’t want to pour down your drain.

Coffee Grounds

You might be surprised to hear that coffee grounds are often the reason behind clogged sinks. Unlike some foods that can safely pass through your garbage disposal, coffee grounds are absorbent, making them hard to pass through your drain-pipes and easy to build up over time. Luckily, coffee grounds make for a great fertilizer, so feel free to toss them in your garden or dispose of them in a trash can.


It can be annoying to crack an egg only to find a tiny piece of the shell lurking in the yolk but don’t be tempted to throw it in the sink. Shells can very easily stick to the inside of pipes, causing a buildup and a smelly one at that. However, eggshells also make for a great fertilizer, so if you don’t want to throw them in the trash, throw them in the garden.


We’ve all had that one roommate that insisted it’s not a big deal to pour grease down the drain but don’t let them fool you. Grease is another common cause of clogged drains. Grease is not only stubborn to go down pipes, but it also hardens over time if it remains stuck, making for a rather annoying drain clog. Avoid this headache altogether and pour any grease into a container and dispose of it in the trash. You can also absorb grease with paper towels and throw them away after they have cooled.

Produce Stickers

It’s easy to lose track of produce stickers while washing your fruits and vegetables in the sink, but don’t let them go down the drain. The little stickers can very easily stick to the inside of pipes. Furthermore, if these stickers do manage to slip down the pipes, their small shape can allow them to end up in the water supply, becoming harmful for your local ecosystem. Avoid these issues by disposing of them in the trash before you wash your produce.

Paper Towels

It can be easy to associate the flush-ability of toilet paper with paper towels, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. While toilet paper is made to be flushed away, paper towels are not. Paper towels absorb liquids and are made to be durable, making them the perfect candidate for a drain clog. Keep your drains clear by always disposing of paper towels in the trash.

Household Cleaners

Many household cleaners come in large containers. So, when you have just a bit left, it can be tempting to dump out the rest to free up some space in your cabinet. It’s important, though, that you don’t pour it down your sink. While it’s not likely that these chemicals will cause your drain to clog, they can very easily end up in the city water supply.

Bonus: Don’t Flush Any Wet Wipes Down the toilet!

While wet wipes might provide a comfortable wiping experience, they are terrible for your plumbing system. Yes, even the ones marked ‘Flushable’. Wipes don’t break down like toilet paper, making it easy for them to build up and make expensive clogs. Go easy on your plumbing system and make sure to dispose of wipes in the trash.

Contact Public Service Plumbers

We’ve all made mistakes and poured something down the drain that we shouldn’t have. If you are in Dallas and need help with your clogged drain, call Public Service Plumbing today! From drain clearing to pipe replacement, we have all of your needs covered.



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