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Ductless Ac Installation

Ductless AC Installation

Ductless air conditioning is an increasingly popular choice for cooling throughout the United States, and rightly so! Ductless AC air conditioners, also known as mini-split ACs, are a great alternative or supplement to central heating and cooling systems. That’s why Public Service Plumbers offers ductless AC installation, repair and maintenance services that make it easier than ever to use ductless air conditioning.

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How Ductless Air Conditioning Works

Ductless AC systems are popular in many other countries but relatively new to this area, so most people aren’t sure how they work. However, ductless air conditioners aren’t much different than the central AC systems we’re used to — apart from the obvious lack of air ducts!

Ductless air conditioners are wall-mounted units that cool just one room or open space at a time. Consisting of one indoor and one outdoor unit, these air conditioners use evaporator and condenser coils to pull heat out of the air inside your home and transfer it outside — just like central air conditioners. However, ductless AC units blow the resulting cool air directly into a single space rather than distributing it to the entire home via ductwork.

Mini-Split Air Conditioning

If a ductless air conditioner can only cool one room at a time, how are you supposed to use it in your home? Don’t worry — mini-split AC installation makes cooling your entire home with ductless AC easy. When cooling more than one room, multiple small indoor ductless units can be attached to one outdoor unit, allowing for a comfortable cool throughout the entire house.

Benefits of Ductless AC Systems

Ductless air conditioning comes with a variety of benefits and features that make it the ideal heating and cooling system for many. Some of these include:

  • High energy efficiency saves money on utility bills
  • Long lifespan (20 years) compared to central AC (10-15 years)
  • Easy installation
  • Versatile design for unconventional needs
  • Simple maintenance
  • Built-in temperature zoning
  • Sleek, modern aesthetic

Especially when it comes to energy efficiency and zoning, many homeowners rave about the advantages of having a ductless AC system. With so many benefits, who wouldn’t?

Should You Go Ductless?

Ductless AC has generated a lot of buzz in recent years, so some are wondering if it’s the right choice for them. Aside from using ductless AC in your entire home, here are some situations for which ductless air conditioning is the perfect solution:

  • Finished attics and basements
  • Garages
  • Home add-ons
  • Guest houses
  • Historic homes without room for ductwork

Ductless Mini-Split AC Installation

If you think ductless AC is right for you, call on the HVAC experts at Public Service Plumbers. We offer high-quality ductless AC installation in the Dallas area. From your first call to the end of the installation, we’ll make your new AC installation simple and easy by guiding you through every step of the process. Once your ductless mini-split system is installed, we’ll come back and repair it and perform maintenance whenever needed — even if we didn’t install your system.

Why Choose Public Service Plumbers?

At Public Service Plumbers, our history is plumbing — but that doesn’t mean we can’t provide some of the best heating and cooling services around! Our company is run by third-generation plumbers who know a thing or two about providing exceptional customer service. Now our team is ready to put all of that customer service experience to use by providing excellent HVAC services as well as plumbing services.

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